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Math 10C Course Outline

Unit I:  Algebra & Numbers-emphasis 30%
-factors and multiples
-square roots and cube roots
-irrational numbers
-mixed and entire radicals
-integral & rational exponents

-multiplying binomials (and polynomials in general)
-identifying common factors
-factoring trinomials (and special trinomials)

Unit II:  Measurement-emphasis 20%
-systems of measurement and personal referents and use of measurement instruments
-basic measurement systems and conversions
-surface area and volume of 3-D objects and related problem solving
-trigonometry and right triangle problems

Unit III:  Relations & Functions-emphasis 20%
-interpreting & sketching graphs of relations and functions
-identify slope and understand its meaning (rate of change)
-linear relations and properties of linear functions
-slope-intercept and general form of linear functions
-relating graphs of linear functions to related equations

Unit IV:  Linear Equations & Systems-emphasis 30%
-function notation and equations of lines
-parallel & perpendicular lines
-applications of linear functions

-modelling linear systems of equations
-solving linear systems by  graphing,  substitution and  elimination
-understanding number of solutions in a linear system
-solving problems suing linear systems of equations

Our semester is approximately 90 days in length; the pacing in the course is determined by that and the relative emphasis of each unit. Students can expect to have some homework throughout; this shouldn't be a huge burden provided we can stay on pace within each unit.

Summative evaluation for the course work will consist of Quizzes/Projects (30%) and Unit Exams (70%); this will determine the student's in-class mark. Formative evaluation will occur within each class; this can be intrinsic (through their own reflection on completed tasks) AND extrinsic (feedback from peers or myself). To arrive at the FINAL mark in Math 10C, this in-class mark will have a 70% weighting; the Final Exam will make up the remaining 30%.

Video: Equation of Line

Slope - point form